pls take a quesarito and shove it up my ass
{ (You actually hovered over the title oh wow) }

the big quesarito mikasa

update: the quesarito is currently lodged within my anus. it refuses to leave. it is pleasureful yet painful. i do it for him.

update: I have absorbed the quasarito through reverse digestion. The quesarito and I are now one. I feel it's power flowing through my veins. I now have all knowledge of all forms of combination foods and the universe is simply a sandbox for me to play in. The age of quesarito approaches. Brace yourselves, mortals

why is it the first nsfw stuff i see in the gay tag is furry dick

moekasa ain’t having none of yo shit, onnichan

who art thou, who art thou, oh I-G-G-Y

kill la kill season 2 looks great

*is about to have sex and other person starts taking my clothes off* holy shit

at least give the new generation of 3ds a cool name like idk “3ds advanced” or “3ds something” idfk

don’t feel too bad about not having a New Nintendo 3DS, no one else has it either…..

I can finally watch gay porn on my 3ds for a small fee of 30 cents god bless now I can have a personal pen device ivE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOR SO LONG

I kinda want the new 3ds to be made out of metal