pls take a quesarito and shove it up my ass
{ (You actually hovered over the title oh wow) }

the big quesarito mikasa

California is weird

I’m at California pizza kitchen blogging help me this is uncomfortable

omg i finally hit 2k god bless

quick tip: use a razor to quickly remove the tastebuds from your toungue

Don't go to the Anaheim gardenwalk it's boring

idek what that is

Anonymous said:
I'm about an 1-1.5hour drive away from there and honestly we just go there for Disneyland and the angels stadium xD there's a good food place tho that's not exactly a walks distance but around the area called Jollibee's and a supermarket called Seafood City~both are primarily Filipino food stores (except Jollibee's has kick ass fried chicken ohmygod) Idk sorry I don't have a list of places to go and it's not like the two I stated are fun places to hang out >.<

omg theres a seafood city where i live too, i never go there. ive tried lumpia though its pretty good

Anaheim? I'm kind of close to there, but I don't really know any anime-related things of the sort...? All I know is that a Barnes and Noble near me sells a lot of manga. :/ *shrugs*


all packed and ready to go

anyone live near Aneheim, California? any interesting things or places to go within walking distance? im looking for like anime stores and stuff because im a weeb

i dont want to go to california with a bunch of people i barely know its gonna be like 4 days and im gonna have to like shower in the same hotel room and like sleep in a bed with one of them its soooooo weird pls help me